Without thinking and having any goal (except to run at least 2km for next 100 days) I took 100 Days Running Challenge last year. Not only me, all members in my family started this fun-run together. Thanks to Mr. Kamal Karnatak for the encouragement!!! Running day after another we never thought of this becoming our habit of spending quality time together. This year also, the challenge started from 28th April and is ending on 5th of August. 100 Days of Running challenge gave me a different insight of living my life. For me, this is not only just to keep physically fit but a lot more. Let me touch upon some aspects of it which I personally experienced.

Full stop to different justifications-: Yes, mind set about I am not feeling well, today is hot, I came late last night, ohhh its raining outside, I have guests at home, I am traveling, lots of work, have to catch flight etc. endless bahane (excuses)… just to convince self that I am right, but there is a reason of not doing it??

No this is not going to happen once you have taken this challenge. Mind will never dig any such excuses because it has got programming done for next 100 days. So, one is not only becoming determined, but diverting his/her mind to creative & innovative ideas.

Unlimited Fun-: Let’s have some drinks to have lots of fun is a myth. We all know it!! If not now may be later..

No other thing but running can make you feel happy & healthy, both physically and mentally. It will never make you feel guilty as in other case. Running with family is like a life time experience for all of us every day. During children’s vacation we make unique run schedule every day to enjoy it differently. If they want to sleep longer next day they would plan their run after 12am and enjoy the midnight run inside the society to have different experience. At the same time, they would also have after run party, taking pictures and recording videos of completing their first long run Eg. 10 km. 100 Days Running challenge is all about everyday celebration for us.

Honesty with self -: Last year there was no facility of auto data logging, hence one had to manually log the data. I observed this was a good self-appraisal system which gives you chance to appraise that how honest you are with yourself. However, this year there is an API facility which automatically connects to App and fetch the data.


Inspiration to surrounding-: Lots of families and children get inspired when we run inside the society. Most of the time families and children run with us to boost us and get boosted themselves. It was really a fun filling experience while running with more than 30 people inside the society last time.

Indeed, a great happiness feeling from inside!!

The best way to explore a city or country:  Planning of when and where to run has become part of my travel schedule now. I love running in the early morning hours when there is less traffic and roads are clear. No other time can be better than early morning to explore a place. Run has become my motivation to explore the place and till now I have enjoyed my run in more than 20 cities and 5 countries.

The word ‘Challenge’-:  After completing my first 100 Days running challenge last year I fell in love with the word ‘Challenge’ and it has now become a part of my life. Whenever I find that I am lacking somewhere, irrespective of anything, I take challenge and address it.  The challenge can be 100 days, short term or long term, the time span depends upon the task I am taking.

What else does one need if fitness, motivation, dedication, bonding, self-discipline, balanced life, enjoyment and fun takes place together??? Come on my friends, I invite CIO fraternity, lets experience the above together and make this life joyful!!!


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