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Within our expansive network, we bring together a diverse community comprising community members, academics, business leaders, CIOs, editors, and researchers, all united in their commitment to bolstering the IT profession. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow visionaries who share your interests, focusing on specific challenges within a carefully curated and confidential setting. Our leaders are known for their boldness and candor, offering valuable feedback tailored to address your immediate needs, ensuring relevance in the present moment.


Pathways is an advanced leadership initiative meticulously crafted to offer solution-oriented programming, fortified with robust mentoring and coaching. Propel your team to new heights by harnessing their strengths, pinpointing areas for personalized and professional growth. Strengthen your leadership cadre, expediting the elevation of IT's value within your organization.


Our Corporate Officer Advisory Services cater to ambitious CIOs aiming to ascend to the next level in their careers and attain recognition as corporate officers, alongside technology leaders. Drawing from our exclusive roster of acknowledged, award-winning CIOs who have successfully achieved corporate officer status, we offer insights and expertise on building credibility and garnering business support.


Designed for ambitious CIOs and technology leaders aspiring to elevate their careers, our Corporate Officer Advisory Services provide a unique opportunity for guidance. Our distinguished panel of recognized, award-winning CIOs, who have attained corporate officer status, share their invaluable experience and expertise. Learn the strategies to enhance credibility and secure robust business support as you advance in your professional journey.

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